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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Swearing In Ceremony

The Chief of Police asks Josh about his plans for a career in law enforcement

Josh poses with the officers in his department

Proud Family

Aunt Amanda, Sister Steff, Dad James, Mom Vanessa with Officer Josh

Josh is now an official "reserve" Cibolo Police Officer - complete with badge, patch and credentials. His swearing in ceremony was held this morning at Cibolo City Hall.

Josh tells me two of the officers also came to his school today and ate lunch with him. And they plan to come again - and next time, they may have to bring some food in so they can make sure they'll all like what's on the menu. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi - we live in Chicago and my son is 8 yrs old and has the same syndrome. I tried to find an email for Vanessa (mom) without luck so am sending a note here.

Would love to talk to Vanessa.

Janet Conlon

5:17 PM

Blogger Haven said...

Hi. I live in Maryland. My daughter is almost 5. She has Neurblastoma Cancer and Paraneoplastic Syndrome. She has recently been diagnosed as having ROHHAD. They told me she will lose breathing by age 7. I have been searching for your email.


Please contact me. I would love to know more about your son!

9:25 AM

Blogger Vanessa Wooten said...

This is Joshua's mom, Vanessa.

I lost the password for this blog so I started a new one at

You can reach me there or email me at

I'd love to hear from anyone who has a child with ROHHAD. I think we can help each other and help the doctors learn more, too.

10:38 AM

Blogger Vanessa Wooten said...

We are still around... just not on this blog page anymore.... you can find us now at:

or email us at:

10:42 PM


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